Long-term Vision, Small-town Pride

LindenHillsmapThere is perhaps no other Minneapolis neighborhood as admired and well-known as Linden Hills… with our charming and mostly modest-sized “craftsman” homes, our close proximity to Lakes Calhoun and Harriet, our easily accessible and walkable commercial districts, and a plethora of parks and shade trees from which we derive our name, this is a place where people love to visit and live.

Bike paths connect the lakes and The Village to our quiet, tree-lined blocks of single-family homes. We have superb restaurants, a flower shop, ice cream, a bakery, a children’s bookstore and a hardware store — with service as personal as you’d ever wish for. (Read this blog to learn more about the entrepreneurs who help create this unique feel.) Our population spans the generations.

We tend toward progressive action when it comes to the environment and social justice. Our Linden Hills farmer’s market is innovative in bridging our connection with organic farmers. (Read this blog.)

Explore and enjoy this website – and contact us if there’s anything else you’d like to see or know about our neighborhood.